Our Team

Our Team comprises of Experienced technical persons who have got more than 15 years of experience on Geo Technical Engineering,They have got the necessary wisdom & experience to understand the exact requirement of the customer and offer a solution immediately,They all are well versed with the nuances of Geo Technology and other related services some of the key professionals employed with us are as follow:
1.Qualified Engineers with more than 15 years of experience
2.Technical Supervisor with more than 10yrs of Experience
3.Geo Logist
4. Mechanic with relevant Experience
5. Steel fabrication Expert

About Bizzlon Group

Bizzlon Group is a suite of organizational solutions,including financial management,personnel management ,IT services & Realty services.It helps simplify management concerns by providing a one stop solution,They help you anticipate the future and deliver path breaking solutions,The collaborated entities of Bizzlon group are partners that help you fuel your potentials.